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Black Ink Digital’s in-house team of graphic designers, artists, and consultants has designed hundreds of unique websites with world-class flair. Why devote resources to how your website looks? Your company website is an extension of your brand and, thus, assumes the public face of your company to millions of users online. A flawless SEO campaign means nothing if the site your visitors find is an incoherent mess that’s probably more at home in the 90’s than today – nothing guarantees a high bounce rate more than terrible user experience.

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Design Importance

According to research, you only have seconds to hold your visitor’s attention to your site before they click back to the results page. In those few seconds, it matters how accommodating your website looks to a regular user so that they’re encouraged to explore your page more. In these situations, first impressions are undoubtedly a critical factor.

A great website design means so much more than fancy layouts and giant image carousels. A cohesive and user-friendly design promotes your products or services effectively by minimizing unnecessary interactions and other distractions.

Clear typography, smart layout density, attractive but unobtrusive imagery, and intuitive elements (buttons, tabs, search bars, etc.) are all essential ingredients to a palatable web design that should accommodate even the most basic users.


If your design can strike a great balance between those elements, you can be sure that visitors will spend ample time exploring all the things your business can offer.

Additionally, we’ll integrate other materials like blogs, customer reviews, and social media links to reinforce your brand’s quality and reputation in the online community.

Black Ink Digital is more than happy to sit down with you to discuss how you want your website to look. We’ll also make recommendations that incorporate your SEO strategy to maximize your web traffic and conversion rates.


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Black Ink Digital is a top-rated digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, specializing in comprehensive SEO solutions for a broad spectrum of small to mid sized businesses. We believe in the power of data, and we use our knowledge of it and expertise to produce amazing results