While having a website is an integral part of marketing your business online, social media savvy has proven crucial to successful efforts; more so in recent years. Taking advantage of interacting with a massive user base on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is always a great idea, as these platforms provide many opportunities to attract new customers.

People are spending massive amounts of time browsing social media, which is why your presence on a public (online) space is of utmost importance if you wish to capitalize on a myriad of opportunities. On social networks, you can influence your audience’s perceptions of your brand as something more than a business – you can be an entity they can relate to and more crucially, can provide what they need.

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Social Media Marketing is built on the foundation of relevant and engaging content. Once you’ve determined how you want your brand to be perceived and recognized, you need to create content that’s aligned with those goals. Blatant promotion of your products or services can come off as crass or shameless, as users on social media expect content that’s entertaining, informative, or both.

For an effective social media marketing campaign, you should structure your content in a way that users will find useful and “shareable.” The last part is critical, as it capitalizes on the viral culture of the internet, where the content that gains the most traction among online communities receives an exponential amount of exposure – that’s powerful advertising right there.

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Creating share-worthy content is a delicate balance, though. While you’ll want to appeal to the broadest possible market, there is, you don’t want to verge on click bait-style content – posts that are purely designed to attract clicks but offer no meaningful ideas beyond the title. Successful social media campaigns hinge on genuine, sincere, and witty posts that users will naturally want to share with others. The sheer buzz you can gain from such content can easily translate to higher subscriber/follower count, and eventually loyal patrons and paying customers.


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