Optimizing your website for maximum online exposure and page ranking comes in two categories: local and organic. It’s important to learn the distinctions between these two; one serves a somewhat different goal from the other. Black Ink Digital employs both depending on the client’s needs, and here, we’ll briefly discuss which one should fit your SEO strategy better.

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Local SEO

As the name suggests, this strategy focuses more on location-based searches, especially if you wish to direct your target audience to a physical location such as a store or office. While there’s nothing wrong with stuffing flyers, pamphlets, and brochures on windshield wipers and such, online advertising is much more cost-effective, given how much time people spend on the internet.

Local SEO basically optimizes your website for location-based search terms or “geo-targeted” keywords, like “architect in Vancouver.” When someone types in these keywords on a Google search bar, a site well-optimized for such keywords is more likely to pop up among the top results.

This method works wonders for local businesses, which gain the advantage of generating online buzz and directing that traffic to business premises. 

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Organic SEO

If your business location isn’t a critical factor in your operations, organic SEO is a better option with which to build your marketing campaign. Instead of ranking your site for geo-targeted keywords, organic SEO uses popular search terms that have the most relevance to your business.

This method works by strategically placing your target keywords to your site’s content or landing pages. It’s important to note that haphazardly inserting out-of-context keywords in your content may incur penalties from search engines like Google, pushing your site further down in page rankings instead of up.

Organic SEO aims to weave keywords naturally into content that’s relevant to your copy as much as possible, rewarding your site with higher ranking in search results. 

Organic SEO also involves distributing links across the web that point back to your site to increase traffic, with the strength of relevancy helping you stay on the top search results for a longer time. 


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