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Self-awareness is a huge part of understanding how you should market your business to your target audience. You could be missing out on a considerable chunk of feedback that’s negatively affecting your status in the web community at large, and you’re entirely unaware.

The thing is, your online promotions generate feedback that reflects your brand, and you can’t be sure all of them are glowing praise. Having control on that end of your marketing strategy has become an essential part of any communications plan.

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Online Reputation Management provides a significant measure of control for businesses to maintain a favourable image. It’s an ethical method of analyzing public sentiment, promoting the positive aspects and eliminating outright harmful ones.

Having an effective ORM system like Black Ink Digital’s lets you gather and analyze feedback from customers, competitors, critics, and media personalities. Reputation Management provides avenues to learn from negative reviews or criticism to address any flaws in your marketing or business ends. You can re-orient adverse perceptions into brand-building opportunities to further grow your business.

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Reputation Management allows you to control what search results about your company shows; specifically, it can weed out the negative press and improve your image by prominently displaying positive ones. If you’ve ever searched for particular products or services, you’ll know how seeing even a single negative review can affect your perceptions of that brand. This is the kind of situation that ORM mitigates so that you can remedy it before it does any significant damage.

Undertaking Reputation Management in DIY fashion is an unsustainable practice, even for larger businesses, just by virtue of the time and workforce needed to monitor online feedback consistently.

You can expect effective control of your brand image just by assigning one or two people to search for online feedback in a stock browser. There are dedicated ORM tools that monitor and control information needed for analysis and response. 


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